You HAVE made the right career choice

How to stay focused on developing your new career without pining for the old

Catherine Bell
3 min readAug 1, 2022
Your passion, your drive. Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Scary, exciting, brave, crazy — depending on your age and current role the reactions you hear when you mention you are “changing career” can vary. At the end of the day, if you feel confident in your decision - financially and emotionally — the only opinion that matters is yours.

At 29 I am still relatively young to be changing careers and thankfully, my only major financial decision was between mortgage or masters.

However, one year in to re-training and I’m still occasionally faced with doubts as to whether I have made the right decision to switch from marketing to primary (elementary) school teaching. Of course, I have moments of “oh god what have I done?” but there are a few things that have helped to keep those thoughts at bay.

If there’s an impending pay dip, make peace with it early on

Switching from career in the corporate world of a capital city to a public position in a rural public school, is naturally going to result in a major pay cut over the course of my career.

If this is the case for you, it’s likely that it’s the lifestyle, not the money, you’re making the switch for — don’t forget this, make peace and move on.

Focus on the attractive elements of your new career

For me, I will be working with children and face unique challenges each year. Everyday will be different, but every day will technically end at 3pm (not including after-hours planning). I will be the boss of my own classroom (to a certain extent)…so in a sense I will be my own boss without having worry about things like payroll and pensions!

Photo by Laura Rivera on Unsplash

What is driving you to make a change? Why have you chosen your particular new career? How will you find joy in it?

Focus on the lifestyle changes that will eventually come

Will you be able to travel more? Move to the city of your dreams? Spend more time with your family.

Even if you’re changing career for financial reasons, lifestyle changes are imminent and hopefully for the better…otherwise why make the change!

Retain elements of your old career that you enjoy

I loved writing and creating visual content. That’s why I’m here. It’s also why I take the time to create my own bespoke resources for my classes and encourage reading, reading and more reading.

If you really enjoyed a certain aspect of your old career, why not find ways to use it in your new career — or turn it into a freelance hustle!

The important thing is to keep looking forward, and keep a positive mindset. Reflecting on the amazing team you left, or the healthcare package, or company car will only make you question your decision.

Keep your head down, focus on the future, and keep on driving towards your new career!



Catherine Bell

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